World Congress of Surgery Bangkok, Thailand 2015


The APIMSF was in Bangkok at World Congress of Surgery WCS 2015,
APIMSF Programm

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

08:30–10:00 65 IATSIC / APIMSF Main Session

Disaster and mass casualty management: it’s predictable that the unpredictable will happen

Moderators:  Manjul Joshipura, India
                       P. Siritongtaworn, Thailand
                      T. Sakamoto, Japan 

Are you prepared for limited resources?
Louis V. Riddez, Sweden

Japanese humanitarian assisstance for limited resources
Hiroja Goto, Japan APIMSF

Training and preparation for disaster and mass casualty management
Ratplee Pak-art, Thailand

Boston bombings: what could have been better prepared?
Haytham Kaafarani, USA

16:00-17:30 116 APIMSF Main Session

Sustaining the lessons learned from combat: a global perspective

Moderators: Zvonimir Lovric, Croatia
                      Christian Willy, Germany

Organization of medical assistance to the military patients of State border service of Azerbaijan Republic: analysis of the last 5 years
Kenan Yusif-zade, Azerbaijan,

Experience from Royal Thai Army Medical Corps
C. Kwanpichit, Thailand

Experience from Military trauma care in the suthern part of Thailand
N. Pongrattanaman, Thailand

Experience from medical center support in suthern part of Thailand
P. Wuthisuthimethawee, Thailand

Experiences from the Bundeswehr: lessons learned from combat
Ch. Willy

APIMSF Presidential Address and BUSINESS MEETING
Mark W. Bowyer, USA

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

13:30-15:00 176 APIMSF Free Papers

Military Surgery

Moderators:  Nopadol Wora-Urai, Thailand
                       Mark Bowyer, USA

Re-exploratory laparotomy in multiple shrapnel injuries of the abdomen: a novel approach in war surgery
Kosala Somaratne et. al.

Effects of the second Gulf war on man-made vascular injuries
Fikri Abu-Zidan, United Arab Emirates

Efficacy of haemostatic Chitosan gel containing extracts of eupatorium odoratum linn leaves
Suthee Panchikul et. al. Thailand

Triage of war-related injured patients: experience from the second Gulf war
Fikri Abu-Zidan, United Arab Emirates

Invited presentations:

Definition of polytrauma based upon war experiences
Zvonimir Lovric, Croatia

Training combat ready military surgeons
Thorsten Hauer, Germany

Thursday, 27 August 2015

14:00–15:30 220 IATSIC / APIMSF Main Session

What the military has contributed to civilian trauma care

Moderators: Zsolt Balogh, Australia
Mark W. Bowyer, USA

Experience from Thailand: Military surgery - past and present
Narong  Rodwarna, Thailand

ECMO: indications and outcomes
David Zonies, USA

The use of wound VAC: where is the evidence?
Zsolt Balogh, Australia

Training models
Mark W. Bowyer, USA

Experiences from Thailand: trauma and surgical education for the military
K. Pinsuwan, Thailand