Secretary General:
Zvonimir Lovrić, PhD, MD
Tel: ++385 1 290-3581

Address of the Office:
University Hospital Dubrava
Traumatology Dept.
10020 Zagreb, Croatia
Av. G. Suska 6

Bank Account:
APMFVK, Zagreb, Croatia
IBAN:  HR5423600001102399354

The Ambroise Paré International Military Surgery Forum

Ambroise Paré International Military Surgery Forum (APIMSF) is an international professional society of surgeons from all over the World who experienced war surgery and surgery in catasrtophic situations promoting collegial cooperation, friendship and research, to better care for our mutual patients wounded in combat or natural disasters. We are collaborating in establishing the platform for better understanding and unification of war surgical determinants and settings.
The Forum is a tool for sharing experiences in war surgery for military surgeons, surgeons deployed to disasted scenes, and aiming to help surgeons with no war experience to find the best way when confronted with war injuries or injuries in disasters.

Mission Statement:

 "We aim to promote the art and science of international military surgery through meetings, correspondence, research, publications, friendly and personal relationships, believing that our patients ultimately benefit by the force multiplier that international cooperation can produce. This is our contribution to the more and more global world which may help to work together with a common spirit in conflicts and catastrophes."

Nowadays, in the beginning of 2014. the forum is
 registered as a socitey
The head office is in Zagreb, Croatia,
where the Secretary General of this Society Zvonimir Lovric lives.

Due to legal needs for registration, we had to put the name of our society in Croatian language too:
Ambroise Pare Međunarodni Forum Vojne Kirurgije /APMFVK/.
This translated name is in use only for legal needs and as a name of the bank account.